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The Voice Remains: an animated album

Vocals & Drums - No Other Instruments!

Compositions and arrangements: Nir Yaniv
Vocals: Nir Yaniv / Drums & Percussion: Karen Teperberg
Vocals recorded at the Nir Space Station by Nir Yaniv
Drums recorded at Zen Studios by Rafael Cohen
Mix Engineer: Tal Rom    Mastering: Ted Jensen
(C) Nir Yaniv

The Voice Remains
About Nir Yaniv

A lifelong multidisciplinary artist, Nir Yaniv expresses his creativity in several forms: as a musician and vocalist, a writer/editor, illustrator, and a film director. 

As a musician, Yaniv plays various instruments, but focuses on the use of his voice to create the unique sound he desires. He has appeared in other bands, such as Funkapella, Vocaliens, and King&Nir, a duo with M.C./Beatboxer King Kwa Zulu. 


Recently, Yaniv has explored his creativity through illustration and animation, making his own visual art for his music. Nir is also a published writer, having written two science fiction novels with BFSA award-winning author Lavie Tidhar plus several short stories collections. Nir Yaniv has also written and directed three short films, and even starred in a short, award-winning Israeli horror film, Eaten. 


Nir's latest album, The Voice Remains, was released in June 2018. He's already working on a new one.

Nir Yaniv
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